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3Q MRC Puncak Jalil Kindergarten provides preschool child education and child care services in Puncak Jalil. Full day session and daycare is available.

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3Q MRC Puncak Jalil Kindergarten is here to serve Puncak Jalil residences with kids age 3 to 6 years old.

About Puncak Jalil Kindergarten

Puncak Jalil Kindergarten was founded in 2016. We are fully licensed kindergarten and our aim is to provide unique whole brain preschool education and innovative early childhood development for children in Puncak Jalil.

We use well-researched 3Q MRC programme to nurture the young, adaptable, and confident children. We prepare and develop children to stand out in the diversities of the globalized environment. 3Q MRC Puncak Jalil is widely recommended and recognized by many parents in Puncak Jalil because of our exceed services that we provide to the children and their love ones. To find out what make us stand out and admired by our peers, please visit the following pages: